COVID-19: If you understand it, you won’t need to fight it.

The COVID-19 virus is strong, highly contagious, rapidly mutable to survive in different environments, and it already outsmarted many of our leaders around the world. These days dramatic numbers and statistics demonstrate that the virus poses a severe life-threat to people with preexisting respiratory and heart conditions and immune system deficiencies, whatever their age.

People in good health and with an efficient immune system are resistant to the COVID-19 to the point that many of them become asymptomatic carriers. When a vaccine is released worldwide, it will fight the latest known versions of the virus at the time it was designed. But COVID-19 shifts and adapts to different environments around the world in a tight timeframe creating many strands not included in the vaccine at the time it will be made available to the market.

Accordingly, to cover the broadest range possible of virus strands, the vaccine will be significantly stronger and way more impactful on our body than that of the common flu. Reliable sources in the pharmaceutical industry rumored that death would be listed in the pamphlet as one of the potential side effects.

Taking the risk to get vaccinated or spending time and efforts in prevention and in keeping our immune system efficient naturally will be a health and lifestyle choice everybody will be called to make.

However, for technical reasons, it shouldn’t take less than 24-28 months before the vaccine is available for administration. In the meanwhile, people get and will get infected with a mild, regular, or strong version of the virus, where the version and infection severity are strictly correlated to the efficiency of the host’s immune system.

Prevention is available to everyone. Now.

Alternative and Energy Medicine, Biofield Healing and Reiki, Space Clearing and Meditation, Barre and Pilates, Yoga and Tai-chi, will become pivotal prevention practices and daily activities among those who understand the deeper meaning behind this pandemic. We will need to take care of our nutrition and to understand the importance of keeping the body well hydrated at all times and the menace behind junk food and refined sugars.

We will need to learn how to protect ourselves from stress and anxiety as they severely impede our immune system from performing efficiently on top of causing sleep disruption and deprivation. We will also learn how to free us from negative feelings like hate, rage, envy, or resentment as––it is scientifically proven––they are some of the primary causes of our immune system deficiencies, and therefore a severe threat to our health. Now like never before.

Don’t waste time waiting for a vaccine to protect yourself and those you love.  Take action now. 

Once Charles Darwin said: “It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is most adaptable to change.”

 While COVID-19 creates many different versions of itself every day, the only way to fight them all is to evolve to the best version of ourselves. Now.  


Geraldine and I are always here to help. Please, address any question to email hidden; JavaScript is required or email hidden; JavaScript is required.

Stay cool. Stay strong.

Marco Rosada
Energy Medicine and Biofield Therapist

Biofield Healing | Healing the cause, not just the effect.

The Human Biofield or Bioplasma is made of electromagnetic and Subtle Energy–also known as Bio-Energy, Universal Energy, Chi, or Prana–that surrounds and interpenetrates the physical body. The difference between subtle and electromagnetic Energy is explainable with a simple analogy: Subtle Energy is to electromagnetism as water vapor is to water.

The Biofield’s electromagnetic module also called the Aura, is a complex energetic system where every bit of information about the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health is recorded. The Subtle Energy module regulates the body’s biological function and homeostasis–the ability of an organism to maintain a state of internal balance and physical wellbeing in spite of changes or outside factors.
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How to protect yourself from low vibrational energies

Your Biofield has a crucial role in your health and wellbeing. It protects and energetically nourishes your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies, and it needs to vibrate at high-frequency rates to accomplish this task optimally.

Your Biofield ceaselessly interacts with human energies nearby. The type of feelings and thoughts determine the frequency rate of the energies that are broadcast in the environment. Once your Biofield is forced to interact with energy vibrating at much lower rates, it might drop its vibrational frequency and expose you to emotional, mental, and spiritual discomfort or physical illness.

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Active ways to keep energy high in your place: Decluttering

The meaning of Decluttering from an energy standpoint

Decluttering doesn’t just mean putting things in their place in an orderly fashion. It means getting rid of all those items we have stockpiled over time in our psyche that we no longer have any use for — especially those associated with negative or neutral memories. 

Between us and every object we possess, there is an energetic relationship we built together at the time we had a use for them. It’s an electromagnetic field made by our memories related to that object, which is an electric charge in our brain and the magnetic 

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Space Clearing and human immune system

What is the Human Biofield?

Biofields are any electromagnetic energy field (1) pertaining to any living being. The human biofield (2), also called the human energy field, is the energetic blueprint or matrix that creates the human form. Every human being and every living creature on this planet has such a blueprint.

The human biofield is made of morphogenetic (3), etheric fields (4), and other special fields; each of them has different functions and roles. For instance, our physical, mental, and emotional health states are reflected in a section of our biofield called Aura (5)

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Can crystals cleanse bad energy?

Some crystals like Black Tourmaline are claimed to have the ability to cleanse low-frequency energies from a space or transform negative energy into positive. Other types of crystal are widely believed to have body, mind, and soul healing capabilities.

But the question is: can the energy of an object raise the frequency rate of an energy vibrating at a different rate?

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Passive ways to keep your space energy high: Plants.

Plants have a key role in keeping our homes or workplaces energy high.

On top of delighting our eyes with their uplifting colors and shapes, plants are effective health care providers (1).
There is a diffuse concern about having many plants at home and especially in the bedroom due to the release of carbon dioxide during night hours. Firstly, each of us produces way more carbon dioxide than a large plant. Carbon dioxide is not meant to be confused with carbon monoxide, which is its deadly cousin. Secondly, carbon dioxide in a small amount is harmless to human and certainly it doesn’t justify the loss of benefits that a plant in our bedroom carries: the release of oxygen and negative ions.

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How often should I have my place cleared?

I have been asked this question countless times, and it’s a very legitimate one. The most honest answer is: it depends. Someone in the house can be more sensitive to low-frequency energies, and others can have stronger boundariesEnergies we pick up during the day and carry at home, those generated from dwellers’ or visitors’ thoughts and adverse events occurred inside the house, can negatively influence our home or workplace energy structure and frequency rate.

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Smudging is great but it’s not Space Clearing

Smudging is a Native Americans’ ancient and symbolic ceremony and feng-shui practice. The ritual consists of spreading the smoke of burning herbs in a confined space.

Smudging ceremonies and rituals can be carried out in numerous ways and don’t require any particular human skill. With a little knowledge and a smudge stick, everybody can perform smudging. Smudge sticks are bundles of dried herbs on sale in specialized shops or Amazon, eBay, and other online stores.

Some of those herbs are powerful airborne bacterias killers.

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Meet Geraldine

I know, she’s my wife and that is her website, but possibly she’s one of the most enlightened and intuitive Energy Medicine practitioners in Toronto, so it’s good for you to know her.

Let Geraldine tell you something about her practice.

As our physical skin protects our body from germs, viruses, bacterias, etc., our ​Energy ​Field ​protects​ and nourish our immunity system and supports the correct function of internal organs.

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